Well, its been so long since I've written on here that maybe anyone visiting this site will think I've abandoned this blog but the truth is, I kinda lost heart for while. my life was just work, home and bed basically. There's been lots of stuff going on personally and writing seemed to be the last thing that needed to be done but at last I can finally feel a tingle in the part that screams at me to write and i have some ideas that just won't slide away quietly. 2013 will see some projects and stories that I hope will end up on here and I hope you will join me in viewing them.!
As a writer, trying to write is a task in itself; trying to find time to write is another problem altogether. Usually, on days when I arrive back from work, there is always a mountain of other chores and jobs to do before I can sit down and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. As there is no one else to do it apart from my teenage son, (and lets face it, teenagers are not prone to spontaneous bouts of housework) I have the bulk, if not all of the jobs to do; from normal housework and cooking to keeping the garden maintained and as I have a fair sized garden, that takes hours in itself. By the end of all the chores I am so tired that thinking about composing an eligible piece of decent writing is beyond me but I do try, usually resulting in a rambling bit of stilted nonsense which needs heavy editing. On my days off, I normally have big plans for writing. Whole chapters get written in my head and half the novel is usually done before the end of a productive day. In reality, I sometimes get barely a thousand words written, usually as the result of all the big jobs that I don't have time to do on a working day, calling out to me to be sorted.

  So, I've made a decision: I will put off any of those procrastinating jobs that shout me out. I will ignore them all. The cupboard under the stairs doesn't really need a good overhaul and the the bushes in the garden can grow as tall as the Empire State building. I don't care.  The characters are screaming at me in frustration and this novel needs to be written unless of course I hire a ghostwriter. Now there's a thought. if its good enough for the vast majority of celebrities...
I have never been much good at writing blogs as not only am I a really private person who is virtually a recluse, I live a life where not much really goes on to warrant having a blog. My innermost thoughts get written down in my journal and that is not for anyones eyes for the sole reason that I don't want to be sectioned. :D I much prefer to write fiction because in fiction you can get away with anything and in creating a piece, no matter what its about, there is always a part of yourself that is left in amongs the words; some emotion or truth that you wouldnt want to admit to. Sometimes, its a deliberate effort but more often than not, its a subconcious thing and you dont realise until afterwards. When this happens to me, I often want to remove it or change the wording but that would entail removing the very essence of the story. Writing dark fiction entails opening a door in your mind and dragging things out that leaves you uncomfortable to begin with but as the words drop out like blood onto the page or screen, it becomes as natural as eating a mega bar of Aero in one go and feeling not one bit of guilt. Maybe deep down, the people in real life that you could really murder always end up behind that door ready to be taken out kicking and screaming and placed on a page, and maybe thats why a lot of horror writers look like serial killers. ;)


    I'm the most boring person that I know so there will be no titilating gossip or scandal in this blog unfortunately...if you want that then read the Daily Mail. :) but I will be writing about the everyday stuff that drives me and others crazy and I will blog about my writing and any success I may or may not have. Sometimes the most boring stuff can contain little gems of enlightenment and as Auriela says in her journal right before she died, its the simpler things in life that make it worth living and which make it interesting...


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