Well, its been so long since I've written on here that maybe anyone visiting this site will think I've abandoned this blog but the truth is, I kinda lost heart for while. my life was just work, home and bed basically. There's been lots of stuff going on personally and writing seemed to be the last thing that needed to be done but at last I can finally feel a tingle in the part that screams at me to write and i have some ideas that just won't slide away quietly. 2013 will see some projects and stories that I hope will end up on here and I hope you will join me in viewing them.!

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    I'm the most boring person that I know so there will be no titilating gossip or scandal in this blog unfortunately...if you want that then read the Daily Mail. :) but I will be writing about the everyday stuff that drives me and others crazy and I will blog about my writing and any success I may or may not have. Sometimes the most boring stuff can contain little gems of enlightenment and as Auriela says in her journal right before she died, its the simpler things in life that make it worth living and which make it interesting...


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